What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

Learn how to install WordPress, what is WordPress and how does the WP CMS (content management system) work plus other useful information for beginners here.

You may have heard about Word Press and want to know a little more about the best CMS around, how it works, how to install WordPress onto a domain name and where to get hold of free WordPress themes.

In this post we will take a look at how you can get started with WordPress and what you need to create a WordPress website or blog,or both. You can create both with WordPress or have a website with a blog page for example.

WordPress Examples

First off, let’s take a look at some Word Press website examples so you can see some live WordPress websites. These Word Press websites are made with free and premium themes, readily available to you. Well, for starters, my website/blog that you are reading now is made with a free theme called “Iconic”, a cool easy to use nice looking responsive theme.

Another website with a very low costing premium theme I have created is called Warwickshire Windscreens. This particular website uses the cool and my favourite theme “Vantage Premium” which comes with a free page builder. You can pay as much or as little as you like for it, when you upgrade you get the responsiveness and can change all aspects of the theme. As you can see, these are nice clean-looking websites, simple yet very effective.  The latest  WordPress website I have created is for Sootbusters.

So, what exactly is WordPress?

Word Press is a “CMS” – A clever, flexible and very popular Content Management System. To you and me, an easy way to make websites and blogs for free. The program is very powerful and useful and is not difficult to use. Very easy to install and free to make WordPress blogs. You require hosting to install WordPress to build a website.

How do you install WordPress?

Installing WordPress is not hard but you need two things to make it work. A domain name (website address or URL) and website hosting from a hosting provider. Both are pretty cheap these days with domains costing around £5 for a year and website hosting costing approx. £8 a month. When you buy website hosting, WordPress normally comes free as an option with a 1-click installer which literally installs in minutes without requiring any technical knowledge. I can provide assistance with buying a domain name and can offer WordPress hosting very cheap. I can install WordPress for you in minutes and provide you with a login.

If you want to purchase website hosting and a domain name and install WordPress yourself, you just need to install WordPress onto your domain name from within your client control panel and choose WordPress from the applications section, then make some simple, but useful changes once installed. A default theme will be active which you may want to change. See below for some useful settings to change.

Recommended settings to make on a new WordPress install

So let’s say you have installed WordPress or I have for you, there are some recommended changes to make, just like you would if you were setting up a new iPhone or smart phone. There are settings you can change to help your website’s performance, protect your website and prevent spam. You might not have a clue what all this means and it does take a short time to get the hang of WordPress, but I will point you in the right direction to get started.

Set your site title and description, remove the default text that appears after installation.

Change the permalinks to “post name”. This helps with SEO and makes your page and post links look nice and organised. To make this change, Click, Settings –> Permalinks –> Choose Post name.

If you do not want people registering on your website go to, Settings –> Untick “Anyone can Register”. If you do not want people commenting on your website go to Settings –> Discussion –> Untick “Allow people to post comments on new articles”.

Obtain a free A-Kis-Met key to prevent spam, instructions are available from the plugin settings. These are just a few settings to make upon install, contact me for further useful tips and tricks.

Installing Widgets – WordPress Plugins

Widgets add additional functionality to your website or blog. The widgets are known in the “Word Press” world as “plugins”. Plugins have their own place (section) in your website and you can add as many as you like but the more you add the slower your website might become so best to carefully choose them and limit them between 5-10. There are free and premium plugins available. Useful free plugins which are a must for a new website and ones I recommend include;

  • Yoast SEO – To help your website be search engine friendly
  • WordFence – To help protect your website against attack
  • Simple Share – To feature social media buttons
  • Site Origin Page Builder – Easy to use drag and drop page template builder
  • WP Smush – To reduce image size to help with page speed and SEO
  • Toggle the Title – Removes the titles from pages
  • Google Analytics – Enables the tracking code on your WordPress website pages

To install a plugin all you do is search for by keyword and if you see one you like, click Install then activate, you can change the settings of the plugins by visiting Plugins –> Installed Plugins –> Settings. If there are no settings to change these plugins work straight out the box and you do not need to configure them.

Best Free WordPress Themes

Word Press comes with a free theme gallery full of ready to use templates which are easy to browse and filter and has over 1900 themes to choose from. WordPress comes with default themes already included. It is good advice to remove any you do not intend to use by deleting them. There are some very nice, simple, yet very useful themes out there to try, it is easy to install, preview and uninstall if you do not like the look of them. Be sure to choose responsive themes so they will look good on every device such as mobile and tablets.

So which are the best free WordPress themes?

In my opinion there are a handful of themes that stand out in the WordPress free theme repository. I would recommend the following free themes:

Iconic, Hueman, GridBox, Responsive and ResponsiveBoat.

These are all responsive and are easy to work with.

Final Word

So in summary, I hope you have found a little bit more about WordPress content management system and how you go about installing the application onto a domain name. It is quite straight-forward but if you want a hand in setting up a Word Press website or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

As I said before, I offer WordPress hosting and have about 10 slots left, so if you want to have a dabble in making a website with the best CMS online, give me a shout.

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