What is a Blog?

Hello and welcome to this blog post called, What is a blog? or alternatively, What is blogging?

The word blog originates from the term known as “weblog”, meaning a series of logs, or text articles published onto the world-wide web via a website.

People who write textual articles known as “blog posts” are known as bloggers.

So, in simple terms to understand how to start-up as a blogger, you sign up, set up a free blog from one of the best blog platforms such as WordPress, Blogger (Blogspot), Wix, Weebly or Drupal, create text posts about subjects and topics of your choice, write detailed, informative and useful content, add images to enhance the text and hey presto, you have a blog.

The best part is blogs are free to set up.

What you are reading now is a blog post from my very own personal blog. I write very random articles now and then covering a wide range of subjects, ranging from WordPress, Leamington Spa, reviews, recommendations and things like that.

Why do I write blog posts and enjoy blogging? Well, for a few reasons really. Firstly, it is a hobby and I enjoy sharing knowledge. Secondly, I have a blog and website hosting account and I host websites for other people so they can have an online presence. Finally, I make money from blogging.

The best blog websites are those that contain very useful, well written articles which are easy to read and rank high on search engines. To create a successful blog, the blogger would write about subjects they enjoy and know a lot about. It is much easier for a blogger to write about something they enjoy and other people would benefit from reading.

So what about making money from blogging?

It is possible to make money as a blogger. Once you have created a blog and published a number of posts, you can sign up to revenue schemes such as Google Adsense or affiliate marketing websites. You attract visitors with your blog and creative writing, display adverts and banners on your blog, when someone clicks on a banner, then you earn revenue. To learn more about making money from blogging search “Google Adsense” or “become an affiliate”.

So, I hope this answers your question of “What is a blog?” as I have been asked this a couple of times recently.