WordPress is one of the most popular website building platforms and content management systems available to people who want to have an online presence, whether it be a blog or website.

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I have personally been using WordPress for a number of years now and find it very efficient to set up a new website and have it online in a matter of hours.

You can build a very nice looking blog or website by choosing one of the many free or premium themes* available and also add additional functionality by adding one of the many free or premium plugins.

The part that people ask about in my experience is the hosting* part. There is a free version of WordPress where by you can set up a blog using their domain name. Here we are talking about hosting a WordPress application* install on a custom domain name that you have purchased yourself.

To install WordPress onto your own domain name, you need to have a website hosting account from one of the many providers, or alternatively use your own server.

The easiest option is to pay for a monthly hosting account* as WordPress comes free and is very easy to install with literally one click. You choose the domain name you wish to install WordPress onto and click install, log in and start adding content to the blog or site. It is that quick, but you need hosting.

This is where I come in.

I offer people WordPress hosting and can install and set up WordPress onto a custom domain names in no time, I can do this at a very low-cost.

I use a trusted hosting provider* to host my own website and have been a customer of theirs for many years. I also host some of my friends business websites which appear on page one of Google and they are doing very well indeed in their chosen services.

Local services such as dog grooming, chimney sweep, windscreen repair and fitting, carpenter, personal trainer and a local church.

If you are looking to set up your first website using WordPress and want your own domain name then I can help. The recommended way of going about this is by purchasing your domain from the provider I have my hosting with, this is not compulsory but easier to set up.

If you purchase a domain name from another provider, I can send you the name server details that they will require so that your domain name points to my hosting account. It sounds complicated but it is straight forward when you know how.

WordPress Hosting and Install

Here is a quick summary of how I can help and the process:

  • Buy any domain name from Krystal*
  • Send me the URL of the domain
  • I add the domain to my hosting account
  • I install WordPress onto your domain name
  • You get a log in to your website
  • WordPress website online
  • We place the website in maintenance mode until you want to go live
  • Choose a theme you like either a free one or buy a Premium theme*
  • Add page builder plugin to get unlimited page layouts (I can do this)
  • Add your content, text, photos etc
  • We make the website live

If you live in Leamington Spa and want a small business website and fancy having a go at creating one, but need hosting and advice* please feel free to get in touch.